Its finally here!  The NEW IMPROVED PHOTO BLOG is ALIVE!!!!!!



Hey there everyone, sorry for the NON blogging lately.  I have officially moved into the studio, it has been quite the production making sure the internet and alarm are functioning properly so i spent my week with the brinks and comcast guys, what fun! Now to spend time on the gorgeous new blog!  On Wednesday the launch will officially begin with posts from some AMAZING July and August weddings.  OOOooo new studio number now exists, call if you want to come in and see me:248-629-9408.  I have attached quite possibly the coolest bridal party shot, not unlike the MADMAN shot from a post or 2 ago.  More to come from this beautiful wedding on the new blog Wednesday.  So check back here,  where there will be a new link to the NEW IMPROVED blog in all its glory, then you can bookmark it, RSS subscribe or whatever your little hearts desire.  Until then have a great day, its SO beautiful out.

If you are visting this blog looking for images from recent weddings because you received a little card in the mail….galleries on the website are typically are up around the 6-8 week range following the date of the wedding.  Alot of people have been inquiring why July weddings have yet to be blogged and the reason for this is that any day this blog will be old news so I am waiting to launch the new blog with all of my fabulous July and August weddings.  We had a TON of amazing weddings in June and July, almost 2 a weekend so thank you for your patience during this transition.

A recent pix of our pug Edith.  Hope it makes you smile!

Thank you to all who have voted for me in the WDIV BEST guide.  I REALLY can not tell you how amazed and flattered I am to read some of the comments you have posted.  I LOVE my job and feel so blessed to capture your special day, I really feel like family to most of you! So thank you again and again!

If you have yet to place your vote and love what you see here on this blog and would like to vote (pretty please) you may do so by CLICKING HERE.  You will have to follow a registration process (its brief, I assure you) and confirm your vote by responding to an email sent to you.  The vote will not count if you do not confirm thru the email link.  So please make sure your vote counts!  Feel free to send this around to friends and family who may not be familiar with the blog!

NEXT WEEK:  this blog goes BYE BYE, in for a new treat…see below!  I’m so excited!  Have a great weekend!

So I’ve decided to start a little thing called SO CUTE.  Not unlike Marthas “good things”.  Just a fun way to share fun things I find on my blogstalking travels.  First up ADORABLE headbands.   Could be used for bridesmaids,  flowergirls and the ever trendy bride!  Enjoy.  Click here to visit the BANDO site!

This is my brother.  He is an actor/model in L.A.   Hes very talented and we are all VERY proud of him.  My kids think he is like GOD!  Who wouldn’t want an uncle that looked this cool.  Just wanted to blog a pic and share his talents with all of you.  Anyone in casting interested?  He is definitley going to KILL me for this…B, Viv put me up to it.  Hee Hee!

Ok, so I don’t know where to begin.  First of all I met Angela as a bridesmaid in a wedding I shot in Atlanta.  I was SOOO excited when she called to book for her wedding here and I was so excited to get to work together again and to see Miss Alison (ATL bride)!  This was SOME party!  Mix 2 dresses, 2 killer pairs of shoes, 2 hairstyles, football playing groomsmen, smooth moving groom, custom written raps, krunk goblets, 2 cakes, cocktails in the casino nightclub with the most AMAZING view and did I mention crazy dancing!  I mean seriously, I didn’t want to leave.  The reception was held at the Motor City Casino and the food was amazing and so was the party!  The Big House was well represented and the Wolverine spirit was definitley a big part of this celebration.  Angela and PJ, I can’t tell you how honored I was to capture your day.  I wish you a lifetime of happiness, if YOU could fit in my purse….well enough said!  Enjoy a few of my faves.

Well after weeks of website and blog troubles a solution may be on the horizon.  A new and improved way to present recent weddings is soon arriving!  I haven’t blogged latley because once this new addition arrives this blog will be on the back burner.   Please contact me if you are having trouble accessing my website or this blog.  To reach MY website there is a link under HSP website above or you may click here.  Thank you for your patience during this busy season and while I work out the kinks in the blog!

If you have not seen this show, you should.  It airs on AMC on Sundays at 10pm.  It is eye candy for those who are OBSESSED with 1960 design.  The production designers on this show are genius.  I have watched the first full season ON DEMAND and I get lost in time, thinking I”m actually there, its my new escape.  The colors are beautiful and the acting is amazing.  Its also a good history lesson. I am amazed at all the things that have changed since 1960, that was only 48 years ago and it seems like the world is better off in some ways, alot of the same problems exist and we’ve created new ones too.  But it is refreshing to see the accomplishments we have made and how much advertising has effected this country in its development.  BLAH BLAH BLAH, check it out, its goooooood TV.   AMC Sundays at 10pm.